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Romany Caravans


This is stunning old bow top wagon, possibly built in the 1930s, so heading up to a hundred years old. Wagons such as this are to be treasured, as far as we are concerned it will be a labour of love, the type of wagon that warrants thousands spent on decorative paintwork with gold leaf, inside and out.

Current jobs in hand include having one wheel rebuilt, it probably won't be going anywhere until that's done. The ledge one one side is rotted through, so that's also being replaced. Nice as it is, the antique anthracite stove is being replaced with a modern glass fronted woodburner. Getting parts is one thing, keeping small anthracite stoves burning possibly a lost art.

At the moment available "as is", finished wagons such as this will typically cost over £40,000, although it will also cost a lot to get to that condition, it is habitable as is. At the moment it appears dry inside, any problem with that and we would put a new canvas on it.


Length 11ft 7in (353cm)
Height 9ft 5in (287cm). Height to deck 40" (102cm)
Max width 6ft 8in (203cm)

The rear wheels are 50" diameter (127cm) and 14 spoke, the front wheels are 36" dia (91cm) and 12 spoke.

Price and Delivery

Sorry Sold

Delivery £2 per mile from Shropshire.
Email sally@sallysrockinghorses.com or Phone (01938) 561363 (Office Hours)

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